And now….

As of June 2013, the Gorgas’ home is on the market for 3.8 million dollars. Melissa says she wants to move back to Franklin Lakes and does not want her children to go to school with Teresa’s, eventually. In reality the facts seem to state otherwise. This is a home Melissa says was built for her and the family so why move? Joe installed a state of the art recording studio in the basement so why would you leave that? They have an enormous mortgage to pay with high interest rate, Montville has very high taxes as the rest of Northern Jersey has and the amount of land they own equals very, very high taxes, and the financial burden could be lifted with selling the house. Joe Gorga’s work has slowed down I imagine since joining the show. First, the show takes up a really big chunk of time, as Alex McCord says on one of her housewives videos she makes. It’s hard to have a real job when you’re on the housewives. He accompanies Melissa all over the country for appearances—she rarely goes alone. The business he was in—home improvement—like Giudice has taken a big hit and slowed down considerably. I heard that his business website says he doesn’t build houses  but rather buildings things like ponds and does landscaping. They receive many things gratis, as many of the housewives and their families do. The fancy cars they drive are rumored to be provided by a company that wants the Gorgas to drive the cars to promote their business.

Rumors have said that the Gorgas are selling their home because they can’t afford it. Joe Giudice said at the season 4 reunion that Joe Gorga has to borrow money from people every week. Joe’s reaction looked like he was speechless. When the Gorgas put their home on the market, they also had their shore house for sale. Melissa said that they put their shore house up for sale every off-season because they would take a good offer on it. Some people looked into it and found that they had their house listed in the summer time as well. It is currently not for sale while their Montville home is still for sale.

There have been stories about Jacqueline. Chris’s company had to file bankruptcy leading him to put all of his energy and money into BLK water along with his nephews, Albie and Christopher. Albie has stated that they do not receive a paycheck from BLK water but instead pour all of their profits back into the company. Does Chris Laurita do the same? Is he making as much money as when he had the company? If you are interested in Signature Apparel bankruptcy and the consequentially lawsuit by the trustees of the company against the Lauritas (Jacqueline was named in the suit) I encourage you to research it on your own. In a nutshell it seems that they are accused of misusing profits and funds but I’m not one to speak of legal mumbo-jumbo. It’s readily available on the web. Jacqueline’s home has been in the news too as a rumor swirled that it was in pre-foreclosure for missing a mortgage payment. She has also been accused of not paying her taxes. She stated on Twitter that she was not rich but not poor either and that autism treatments for her son were expensive. She was able to fly out to California for a tummy tuck however. Perhaps this was done gratis and it might be featured on season 5 of the show.


Season 5 aka Image Rehabilitation

In my opinion, all of the women tried to take Teresa down last season in hopes of making the viewers all turn on her and resulting in her being booted from the show. They didn’t expect the enormous amount of support she received. There are still many, many Teresa haters out there, but a lot of people see through the charade and supported Teresa throughout the season and didn’t believe that she was in control of the set up at the P.F.S. I think they all expected to expose Teresa as this completely evil person and leave themselves shining like stars in the process. Notice that no one fought with each other—they only fought with Teresa. Was this premeditated? It seems to be the way New Jersey goes. Has Caroline ever had more than 1 enemy at a time? First Danielle and now Teresa. Does she always need a target?

What happened is not what they were hoping for. Many viewers saw Caroline as a bully and while I don’t think bully is the right word, I agree with the idea behind it. She was just mean and ridiculous in my opinion. There’s only one thing Teresa did (besides everything I previously wrote about that would make Caroline jealous and resentful) to warrant the behavior that Caroline showed towards her one time friend. To me, I think Caroline just grew to dislike Teresa over time. After being on the show together for a  few years, Teresa fell out of Caroline’s favor. Season 1 she could laugh at her. Then season 2 she shows signs of being increasingly annoyed with her (ie their trip to Italy), season 3 shows her rope shortening and shortening culminating with the cookbook remarks which sent her over the edge and finally season 4 when she loses it. The one thing is Dina. However, Dina herself, as well as Melissa have said that Teresa and Dina weren’t close until recently (while taping season 4). Caroline could not have been mad at Teresa the previous seasons because the two weren’t speaking until after the ambush on Jacqueline’s deck. I think that while Caroline is mad at Teresa for what she sees as further driving the wedge between she and her sister, she is just jealous. Jealous that Teresa has any semblance of a relationship with the sister she was once so close with. Caroline refuses to accept any responsibility for it. Dina wanted her sister to stick up for her and threaten to leave the show when Dina was fired but Caroline didn’t do anything. Neither did Teresa. But somehow, Teresa becomes Caroline’s target and scapegoat in all of this once again.

The rehabbed image will show Caroline becoming the peace maker of the show. Maybe she will sell some more of her advice book which had dismal sales upon its release.

My Jacqueline Laurita Theory

Could Jacqueline have taken an anti-Teresa stance because of Melissa? It was rumored and brought up on the reunion that Jacqueline and Chris Laurita did not meet at a trade show in Chicago as they have said. All speculation: It’s been said that Chris met Jacqueline as a stripper in Las Vegas. It’s also been said that he was engaged to be married to a close friend of Dina’s when he met Jacqueline. It’s been rumored that Chris broke it off with his fiancée when Jacqueline got pregnant with CJ and they had a shot-gun wedding following that. They did in fact have a very informal wedding in which Jacqueline wore pants and a shirt and it was held in a park. Should the stripper rumors be true, maybe Jacqueline feels some sympathy for Melissa with the way she and Joe might have met. Maybe they share a bond over being strippers in a past life and trying to pretend as if it never happened. Jacqueline has stated over and over again that Teresa is jealous and hates her sister-in-law. Much like the relationship she has with Dina? Dina reportedly hated Jacqueline because she adored Chris’s fiancée before Jacqueline came into the picture. The two had a kind of shaky relationship in the first season that resulted in Jacqueline defending her friend, Danielle over her sister-in-law Dina. It became apparent that the two may not like each other as much as they let on. Maybe Jacqueline sees these similarities of herself and Dina with Teresa and Melissa and can sympathize more with Melissa in situation. Jacqueline is the Melissa of her family and they could have possibly bonded over it. Now they are both accused of living above their means with both facing financial issues of some kind.

So could that be would Jacqueline try to blow the whistle on Teresa at the P.F.S.? When she found out that Teresa was behind exposing Melissa’s secret past that was similar to Jacqueline’s, she wanted to protect Melissa’s image much in the same way she hoped someone would protect hers. Allegedly, Caroline and her family have known about Jacqueline’s stripper past for years and Caroline used to tell Teresa about it. This is what Teresa basically said on the season 4 reunion. Danielle Staub called Jacqueline some name that alluded to her being a Vegas stripper and has stated many times over on Twitter that Jacqueline was a dancer but she asked Danielle not to talk about it on camera and Danielle obliged. On the season 4 reunion Joe Giudice said that Chris told him that he met Jacqueline as a stripper in Vegas. Chris corrected him and said that they met at a trade show in Chicago. In my opinion, this seems like the most over-rehearsed story that I have ever heard. I have never seen proof that they met either way (or seen proof of much of anything for this whole story) so who knows. All I do know is even the allegations against both Melissa and Jacqueline could result in a bond and a common disdain for Teresa for being a part of the stripper-gate incident.

Jacqueline said many times over after the fight at her house that she wanted a relationship with Teresa that was real. She felt like Teresa was being fake and that their once great friendship had turned into something that was not genuine. Teresa seemed very upset and stunned after Jacqueline attacked her and told her that she needed to distance herself from her and her family. Jacqueline said she was upset too but she saw Teresa doing one thing and then saying another and that she was fake. She felt hurt that Teresa never talked to her about her own children and life and was further hurt because Jacqueline was worrying herself sick over Teresa and the things she would read in the magazines. Chris Laurita even said that the Giudices were basically ungrateful because Chris was the one who offered to buy all of their furniture when it went up for Sherriff’s sale (which never happened). None of this adds up for me and it seems that the Lauritas are trying to paint themselves as saints who care so much about their friends who don’t give a crap about them. When in reality, if you know your friend is going through so much, why poor on the guilt? Not everyone is the same and we all deal with problems differently. Teresa had a lot on her plate and the way she dealt with it was to pretend it wasn’t happening and she didn’t want to get into it much with her friends. Why couldn’t Jacqueline understand that? Why did she have to be selfish and personalize it? It wasn’t about her, but she made it that way.

Jacqueline has quite a big issue with Teresa’s legal and financial issues as well. She has Direct Messaged and responded to many people on twitter about it (as well as informing fans that Joe Giudice has had many trysts…) and when Teresa said it was the same thing as her financial problems at the reunion, Jacqueline tried to make it very clear that her husband’s business’ bankruptcy was nothing like Giudices’. She tried her best to make the Giudices look like frauds and bad people when in fact what she and her husband and his brother and wife are accused of doing by the trustees for the Signature Apparel lawsuit is just as dirty–if it is true. I think Jacqueline is the master of deflection and loves that she is able to take the attention away from herself and put Teresa on the spot instead.

The beginning of a whirlwind of malice

Teresa Giudice joins the new reality show in 2009 along with her friends, Jacqueline Laurita and Dina Manzo. Jacqueline’s friend Danielle Staub joins, as well as Dina’s sister, Caroline. For the first two years of the show, Danielle is the focus and source of any problems. All of the other cast members get along for the most part (except for Dina and Jacqueline, but this is minor in the grand scheme of things but results in a still shaky relationship) but by the end of the show, no one likes or wants to play with Danielle. The producers, I think drop a tell-all book about Danielle’s life into the Manzos’ hands that exposes her past for a national audience. Instead of maybe bringing up the concerns with Danielle secretly to find out the truth, the Manzos and Teresa decide to tell the world about it, probably as the producers instructed them to do. The finale comes with Teresa flipping a table over the allegations made about Danielle and fighting and confusion over who really exposed the book. Dina is mad at Jacqueline for throwing her under the bus and then having a drink with Danielle following the dinner.

The next season, Dina exits the show early, after only a few episodes. She explains that she is leaving because of the Danielle drama but it is now largely known that Dina was basically forced to leave. It was discovered and I think Danielle is the one who made it known, that Dina’s ex-husband and father of her daughter, Lexi did not OK their child appearing on the show. Dina might have forged his signature and Danielle may have exposed this. This was the underlying tension between the two and Dina couldn’t stand that Danielle was winning this one and basically was able to get Dina fired from the show. Dina didn’t receive the support she thought she would get from her family and friends on the show. Already at odds with Jacqueline, she only felt more betrayed now. She was mad that Caroline and Teresa didn’t fight hard enough for her to stay on the show either. This is the source of why Dina isn’t speaking to her sister and sister-in-law now. Teresa continued to support Dina in various ventures but the two had drifted apart as a result of the show’s events.

Season 2 was much like season 1 following Dina’s departure                                                                                    

The Posche fashion show was one of the only times that the women filmed with Danielle. Teresa accosted her, as per production’s request. What is the point of doing a show if none of the women will talk to each other? This lead to 19 year old Ashley Holmes, Jacqueline’s daughter, becoming involved. Apparently, Danielle’s antics (which now looking back…what did she really do?) were too much for young Ashley to handle and she resorted to pulling Danielle’s hair because she was so sick of Danielle and heard that she had hit her mother, which was not true. This all culminated in the police being called and an eventual lawsuit from Danielle against Ashley. The rest of the cast went to Italy with their families and this is when Caroline is starting to become perturbed by Teresa. Teresa and her husband, Joe had filed for bankruptcy when they became 11 million dollars in debt.

This same season, Joe Giudice was pulled over and got a DUI. As Teresa’s life became harder, it seemed Caroline just got more and more annoyed by it. She will say later that things just didn’t add up. Regardless, the financial trouble sent Teresa to work and on her way to becoming a New York Times’ bestselling author with her first book, Skinny Italian. What were the rest of the women doing? Jacqueline: nothing. Caroline: nothing. Danielle: nothing. Teresa went on a book tour and was on her way to becoming a success. Season 3 would see the release of her second cookbook, Fabulicious and in season 4 an adult beverage, Fabellini. Teresa was also cast to be on the Celebrity Apprentice while her co-stars continued to take no opportunities to have successful ventures like Teresa did.

All the meanwhile, Teresa is appearing on cover after cover of magazines. Some stories in the tabloids were aimed at her fellow housewives but they were mostly about her life and not positive stories for the most part. When filming season 4 began, Caroline, Jacqueline and their families used the tabloid stories to air their own frustrations out on Teresa. I mean, how could the women who can barely formulate a sentence become the runaway star of this franchise? How could she be the one who is writing cookbooks, touring the country and is plastered all over the magazines as you wait in line at the grocery store? After all, she is in massive debt and had to agree to pay back all of the money instead of going through with the bankruptcy. This is not someone who deserves this, right? And look at her, while all of these things are happening behind the scenes, later including her husband’s DUI case and later, a still on-going case against him involving him fraudulently obtaining a driver’s license by posing as his brother, Teresa is acting like nothing is wrong when filming and is continuing to achieve success with her cookbook and is going far on the Apprentice. To Caroline and Jacqueline, this is mind blowing. How could someone who has so many problems continue to put on a happy face and ignore the issues in front of the cameras?

This the mentality as season 3 begins. Caroline, Jacqueline and their families are frustrated with Teresa for these reasons. When the 3 of them began the show together, it was all of them against Danielle. They stood united. But now, there was a clear runaway star and it didn’t include them. Teresa was taking every opportunity she could to make money so they could pay their debts. The mortgage bubble collapse and recession hit her family hard as her husband is in the home improvement industry and steady work was hard for him to find. We still do not know what the real story is with Teresa getting paid to appear in the tabloids, but if she was given the opportunity to make some money by answering questions and getting a picture taken, could you not blame her for taking it? When you are that much in debt because of your own financial missteps, have 4 young daughters and a house to take care of, and have hefty lawyer fees because of your husband’s legal issues, your moral compass may not be swinging perfectly straight. The Manzos and Lauritas at that time are frustrated with this situation immensely and do not take this into consideration, or at least don’t care to.

What a great time for Teresa’s brother, his wife and her first cousin to join the show! Bravo isn’t stupid and saw that Teresa was taking off. The show had previously focused on three family members: Dina, Caroline and Jacqueline but with Dina (and Danielle) gone, Jacqueline and Caroline weren’t enough. The producers added Melissa Gorga, who was basically a younger, hotter version of Teresa who lead an over-the-top life and had a sexy relationship with her husband. When we first met Teresa, she told viewers that she and her husband have sex every day, paid cash for tens of thousands of dollars worth of furniture to outfit their new mansion. Melissa seemed to check all of the boxes that Teresa had once checked. But now, Teresa wasn’t first season Teresa anymore. She was now a sort of business woman and amounted a great number of legal problems. She wasn’t the easy-breezy Jersey girl she once was. Luckily, her sister-in-law was waiting in the wings to take her place.

Melissa Gorga first appeared on the Real Housewives of New Jersey on the season 2 reunion show. Trying to attack Teresa, Danielle said that Teresa did not acknowledge her nephew or visit him at the hospital when he was born. This sent Teresa into a fiery rage worse than the table flip.  She pushed Andy Cohen off of her as he tried to restrain her and told Danielle “do not break/bring up my family!” It was later revealed that the nephew Danielle was referring to was baby Joey, Melissa’s son. Teresa did in fact visit him when he was born,  but her husband did not. Melissa admitted on Season 4 that she was corresponding with Danielle about Teresa. Melissa said she was pregnant and annoyed with Teresa. Danielle claims that they had much more correspondence than Melissa has lead on, although she has never shown any proof of it despite claiming to have saved phone records, texts, etc. She further claimed Melissa tried to get on the show during season 2 and asked to film with Danielle. It has also been rumored that Melissa and her husband sent a “Godfather” like video to the Bravo producers in which they said that should they be casted, they would “take Teresa down.”

New Jersey: A Rumored and Opinionated History

Disclaimer: This is the story of the Real Housewives of New Jersey as I see it and honestly, as I imagine it. This is just one BIG fan of the show’s written accord of what I think has happened on the show and behind the scenes currently and in the past. This should not be interpreted or understood as fact as it is for entertainment purposes only. Littered throughout this timeline are my own personal opinions, theories and interpretations of events, people, and places. This text is not cited because this is a collection of things that I am pulling off the top of my head: these are NOT facts. These are things I remember reading, have learned and many of these things are theories I have made and conclusions that I have drawn myself. I encourage you to draw your own conclusions off of your own research for the areas that interest you instead of forming your opinions based off of what I have written.

I have read blogs about the show and watched the show since its inception. There has been so much written about it, that for my own purposes I have decided to outline the show’s history as well as some history of the cast members and their families and have included my own conclusions and theories along the way so I can keep track of my own thoughts. Please read this and enjoy but do not cite this in any other blog or article as it not factual.

This has not been authorized by Bravo, anyone involved with Bravo, the show, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the cast members, production crew or Comcast and NBC, Bravo’s parent company. I have not spoken or interacted with the aforementioned companies and people either. I have not discusses this with any other blog but I encourage you to read some great ones that have detailed and citable information. I have learned a lot from these blogs and a lot of things in this story can be attributed to them. I thank them for the inspiration to do this and for the information I have learned from them along the way. Please check them all out.